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Get Creative and Make Something at Home!

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Get Creative and Make Something at Home!

Being creative is always fun! It is one of the best therapies to relax your mind. Not only kids should do it, adults should get creative as well. Feels amazing Right? Here’s something you can do sitting at home and make something really fun.

 Here’s a fun and easy way to make accessory at home with a cement!

What you will be needing is,

  • Piece of cloth,
  • Cement,
  • Container to make a mixture of cement and water,
  • Spray paint,
  • Disposable jar and flowers to fit in at the end.


The procedure is as easy as the items!

Just mix the cement and water, cover the cloth with the mixture and place it on the disposable jar or a glass. Let it dry until it sets. When done spray it with any colour of choice and decorate with flowers!

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