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Miniso 3 in 1

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Miniso 3 in 1

When you think of travelling, the first thing that comes to your mind is packing!! The things that you have to take with you while taking care of the luggage space. You usually get travel size items so you can take all the important items without taking much space.

Miniso 3 in 1 eyeliner, eye brow, eyebrow brush

Miniso comes to the rescue. This product has an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and an eye brow spoolie.

Having all these things together without compromising the quality, the eye liner doesn’t budget, the eyebrow pencil shape is sharp to give you a perfect eyebrow look plus, you don’t have to get

another brush to get them in place, plus it saves so much time and space.

You can have eyeliner on point, good eyebrow days with just one product!



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